Frank’s Hill

Frank’s Hill or “XEE WAKA CAK” (Sacred Hills)



Frank Shadewalk
1932 – 2013

Frank Shadewald bequeathed the property known as “Frank’s Hill” to the Three Eagles Foundation upon his untimely death in 2013. The property includes an effigy mound group on the ridge east of STH 193 and a group of small conical mounds, believed to be calendar mounds, on the ridge west of STH 193.


Effigy mounds are earthworks in the shapes of birds and animals. Other mounds found in Wisconsin are dome shaped mounds called conical mounds, and long narrow mounds called linear mounds. The effigy mound civilization lived in Wisconsin from roughly 700-1200 A.D. Generally speaking, we consider the mounds at Frank’s Hill to be about 1000 years old.


The Three Eagles Foundation is committed to Frank’s philosophy that the mounds should be available for people of all beliefs to visit and to experience. Please be respectful. Do not walk on the mounds. Think of this as sacred ground.


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